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Why doTERRA? What is so special about this brand?

First of all, there is a huge demand for therapeutic oils, which are distilled from various plants. Actually, many medicines are based on key ingredients from plants, although pharmaceutical companies add various synthetic components to them. doTERRA is one of the few natural health brands that produce pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. What makes this company unique is the fact that our oils are tested by a third party, and over 90% of the growers that supply the raw material work exclusively with doTERRA. It is crucial to get the plant material from the original soil and climate. That is why our oils come from 46 countries around the world.

What's in it for me?

doTERRA is creating a "natural healthcare revolution". This brand is considered to be the main reason for the growing interest in pure essential oils around the world. Many companies have noticed the demand for oils, and have begun to produce essential oils, but their quality standards are lower. On the other hand, health-conscious people look for the highest possible quality. That is why doTERRA has become the world's largest essential oil company in just a few years (established in 2008).
YOU can be a part of this success story. We are looking for individuals who want to launch their own business, or supplement their income.
You can market and sell our products as a Wellness Advocate (that is doTERRA's "fancy" name for people who represent them, and work as independent distributors).
​This is a risk-free way to start your own business, with very low expenses.
With free support, education and mentoring, you have a chance to earn unlimited income. You can be your own "boss", and basically you build your very own business. But you do not need to get a bank loan, hire staff or rent a facility.
doTERRA takes care of the manufacturing, customer service, shipping, and payments. You and customers place orders online, and the products are delivered to their home.

How can I learn to do this? I don't know anything about this industry.

Don't worry, you do not need to be an aromatherapist, doctor or pharmacist. You will not be selling pharmaceutical drugs or diagnosing sickness. doTERRA's products include essential oils, supplements etc. that people can easily use by following the instructions on the label, or on the company's website.You will learn by doing this work, and we have amazing resource materials for self-education.

Why Direct Sales?

This business model allows a large number of individuals to launch their own business. You are not an employee of a corporation, trading hours for dollars. Network marketing works well when you sell high-quality products. We have already discussed why doTERRA's products are top quality.

It is possible for you to choose your level of time commitment, and still earn income. The key is time management in order to make the hours you put in doTERRA to really count. This type of sales works best, if you have a heart for helping and educating people. We market products that are very useful for personal healthcare. Wellness Advocates also help customers to use the products effectively, which is rare in retail stores. doTERRA's own customer service includes a toll-free number, email and Live Chat, but Wellness Advocates provide an extra layer of customer care.

Income is based on your own efforts (it is compensation for sales), but it is a risk-free, low-cost way to start your own business (about $100 expenses per month). You don't need to ask a banker for a loan for your start-up business! There is absolutely no need to pay advertising agencies, hire staff, organize payroll or rent a store facility. doTERRA even gives you a free website for selling online. doTERRA will pay your team members, if you recruit others to do this business. doTERRA takes care of the sales tax, so you don't need to charge it when customers buy through you. doTERRA will refund customers, if they choose to return items. YOU do not need to do any of these things.

A lot depends on your own efforts, but let's not forget the beauty of Residual Income. As you continue to build your business, residual income will grow. You will get income from up to seven levels of customers in your organizational structure. It means that if customers you or others in your sales organization have enrolled in the past continue to order anything, you will get compensation for that.... Even if you aren't aware that they are ordering something. That is the power of residual income.

Our Offer to YOU

There are different levels of play to choose from. Here are some ideas for finding your Why, your personal motivation, for doing business.

  • Freedom to choose your working hours
  • Financial freedom (no more debt, extra income, retire earlier, travel more, charity work)
  • Discover your entrepreneurial skills
  • Get involved with a healthcare revolution with natural solutions
  • Become the best version of you

We have positions available in our doTERRA organization, but you don't need to move anywhere for this job. It will be your own business, which you will develop and get compensation for (support & mentoring will be provided). You can do it out of your home, in your local area, and also globally on the internet, since you will get a free webshop from doTERRA.doTERRA's compensation plan is proven, with a strong track record. It works!

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